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Espaliered plants are beautiful plants that have been carefully trained and propogated to make them an ideal selection for landscape settings with limited space or where a plant is desired to decorate wall, fence, or other solid object. Our espaliered apples and pears are particularly popular as they combine both form and function by providing delicious fruit that can be enjoyed during harvest season.

The amount of space that is needed for a two-dimensional espalier is 6 feet by 6 feet.


Dig hole large enough to allow 6-12” of fill soil between the root ball and the sides of the hole.

Cut and remove twine. Remove the wire basket. Leave burlap sack in place, but fold back to leave top of root ball exposed.

Install the plant so that the top of the root ball is slightly higher than the existing soil grade. Backfill with good topsoil and water heavily to eliminate air pockets.

Build a basin around the plant and top-dress with suitable mulch material


To maintain the shape and form of your espaliered plant, prune annually when plant is dormant. Cut off new growth 1-2” above the lateral branches. See the image below. Do not cut off fruit spurs as these produce new fruit.

Espalier Pruning


Fruit varieties should be planted near recommended polinators in order to bear fruit. Consult with your local gardening professional for instructions. See the pollination chart below. (Directions for using polination chart: 1. Select a cultivar you are interested in growing from the left hand column. 2. Check across the chart; the unmarked boxes will be a reliable pollinizer for the cultivar you have chosen.)

Pollination Chart


Sun/Part Shade


For best results, keep soil evenly moist


To promote new growth, fertilize in spring according to product directions

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