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Caring For Your Plants

Instructional Videos - How to Care for Your Plants

Please enjoy the videos below which share helpful information on caring for your plants. Careful pruning and trimming of your plants each year will ensure that they retain their unique shape and style and continue to add beautiful distrinction to your landscape year after year.

*Pruning shears and other gardening implements are sharp and can cause injury. Use caution. Be sure to consult the use and care instructions for your tools prior to using them. If you are unsure of how to use them please consult a professional prior to use.

Patio Collection UMBRELLA - Pruning/Care Video

Sculptured Collection - Pruning/Care Video

Espalier Fruit Trees - Pruning/Care Video

Scotch Topiary - Pruning Video

Vanderwulf Pine - Pruning Video

Pinus Strobus Pendula - Pruning Video

Strobus Glauca Nana Globe Form - Pruning Video

Pinus Parviflora Glauca - Pruning Video

Mugo Pine - Pruning Video

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