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Sculptured Collection - Photo Gallery

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Our Sculptured Collection is a specialty series of plants that feature beautiful plant material coupled with artistic design. Our sculptured plants are carefully formed into a variety of shapes that add distinction and interest to your landscape setting. Choose from a wide selection of animals, letters, structures, and more. View our gallery of photos below for a sampling of the exciting sculptured plants that are available.


Dig hole large enough to allow 6-12” of fill soil between the root ball and the sides of the hole.

Remove the box from the root ball. If roots are tightly bound, carefully loosen the roots at the edges of the ball to promote growth.

Install the plant so that the top of the root ball is slightly higher than the existing soil grade. Backfill with good topsoil and water heavily to eliminate air pockets.

Build a basin around the plant and top-dress with suitable mulch material.


To maintain its distinct form, this sculptured plant should be trimmed two to three times a year. It is best to prune during cooler days and when the weather will be overcast for a few days after pruning. This helps prevent scorching of the foliage. A key indicator that it is time to prune is when the plant begins to look like it needs a haircut. As you prune be sure to follow the original contours of the sculptured art form, but stay 1-2 inches above the netting which is designed to hold the shape. Do not remove the netting. (See picture below)

Be sure to check with your nursery professional on specific requirements for your plant in your area and climate.


Full Sun/Part Shade


Plant prefers moist well drained soil


To promote new growth, fertilize in spring according to product directions

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