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Topiary Collection - Photo Gallery

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Our Topiary Collection offers a beautiful selection of plant material that is meticulously shaped and formed to beautify and enhance your landscape. Topiary plants are designed to add depth and vareity to any landscape. View our gallery of photos below for a sampling of the exciting topiary plants that are available.


Dig hole large enough to allow 6-12” of fill soil between the root ball and the sides of the hole.

Remove the container from the root ball. If roots are tightly bound, carefully loosen the roots at the edges of the ball to promote growth.

Install the plant so that the top of the root ball is slightly higher than the existing soil grade. Backfill with good topsoil and water heavily to eliminate air pockets.

Build a basin around the plant and top-dress with suitable mulch material


To maintain the shape and form of your topiary pine, prune back new growth (candles) to 1/2“ of the original shape. Trimming should be done at the beginning of the season, (the beginning of June) when the candles are still soft and new needles are just starting to grow. Just trim lightly at this point re-shaping the clouds. Trim again at the end of the season (late August) again re-shaping the clouds. Timing of pruning is imprortant as it will impact growth. Cutting before new needles appear will cause buds to form at the base of the candle. Cutting the candles after the needles begin to elongate will cause the new buds to form at the end of the candles and will make it difficult to maintain the shape of the plant. It is natural for the plant to get brown needles; this encourages the new growth. Shake the plant vigorously to remove these or just trim them off. The shape and size of your topiary is controlled through proper pruning.


Sun/Part Shade


For best results, keep soil evenly moist


To promote new growth, fertilize in spring according to product directions

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